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Custom artwork made just for you! 

From fursuits, to digital art, to fun accessories and props!


Fursuit Commissions


We make fursuits! From partial, to full you can be assured that your fluffy character will be beautiful as a suit!

Premade Fursuits


Premade fursuits are a great way to get a fursuit for a cheaper price than commission slots! We offer them here at KittyKaijuWorks, as well as premade character designs!

Art commissions


We offer art commissions! They can range from simple to complex- and we can even design you a character!

Fursuit Gallery


Our fursuit gallery is stacked full of awesome pictures of every fursuit we have made or collaborated on! 

From fullsuits, to patials, to premades, and more- we have tons of pictures for your heart to adore!

Props And Accessories


We make fursuit props, clothes, and other accessories! Bandanas, Squeaky bones, keychains, and more!

Contact us!

You can contact us here!


Please read all TOS (Terms Of Service) before messaging or contacting us about ordering custom or premade fursuits. You will have to confirm that you read and agree with all the terms and conditions.

Ready To Order Your Custom fursuit?

Steps To Ordering A Custom Fursuit.

  1. Make sure you have a reference sheet of your character ready, if you don't have a reference sheet we can make you one for extra cost.

  2. Have the type of fursuit you want in mind when contacting us (Partial, Full, ect.)

  3. Contact us (Preferably over email) with your reference sheet, your suit type, and any extra information or add on pieces to your suit that you'd like to mention.

  4. BE PATIENT! Managing fursuit making takes time! We will get to your message as soon as possible!


Great! Your suit design was accepted to be made! We will continue to keep in contact from this point until your suit is finished! 

Please make sure you are ready to pay! (Payment plans can be discussed)



Sorry, your character was not accepted to be made, here are some reasons that may be why:

Backed up on requests or closing commissions, character was too complex/inappropriate design, broke TOS

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