Fursuit TOS

Fursuit TOS has been reworked. The older version of the TOS has been saved in a document for all commissioners who have received a quote in 2021 and will not be changed for them during their process. If you have any questions about this please contact us!

TOS edited 6/18/2021 @ 4:30 PM

Reference Art

Reference sheets and art for fursuits.

The commissioner of a suit provided by KittyKaijuWorks is responsible for providing a valid reference sheet of their character. This provides us an accurate image of what your character looks like. This is INTEGRAL and a REQUIRED part of the suit making process that CAN NOT be skipped over! 


A 2D, double sided (front and back of your character showing) reference sheet.


Commission not being accepted, or liberties taken on the design of your suit with no consequence to us due to not having enough to go off of. We will of course ask before we add anything to your suit.


We offer free to use bases for reference sheets in many different animal types! These reference sheet bases are double sided, but you can not remove our watermarks. We are also willing to order a reference sheet from someone else on your behalf, or make one for you that is unique compared to our bases, however, this WILL add extra cost on your commission as we will NOT do it for free!



Prices,  payment plans, and refunds.

KittyKaijuWorks ONLY takes payments from PayPal! It is the most instant and secure payment app, and it keeps us safe, as well as you, from anything happening with their built in seller and buyer protection.

KittyKaijuWorks has a minimum non refundable deposit that will be calculated when a quote is completed for your fursuit. This will cover the material costs of your suit, and WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

All fees by PayPal are the responsibility of the commissioner to be paid. Your price will go up due to paypal fees.

Refunds WILL be distributed for certain situations. Examples of some situations are as follows. If we are not able to complete your commission, or if something comes up, you will be refunded. If something comes up with you, and you need to cancel the commission, you will be refunded EXCEPT any non refundable deposits that you have made to us.

Refunds WILL NOT be distributed for these situations. You have received the suit, but just now saying you don’t like the way certain things such as patterns, ears, eyes, or anything cosmetic was done. Since we have sent you pictures and updated you through the whole process these things should have been corrected by you as we showed you, we could not have known you didn’t like it without telling us. Another situation being the suit no longer fits you, you have sent us the measurements when you ordered the suit, therefore we can do nothing about it if it no longer fits you after a certain amount of time.

Payment plans can be offered by us!


$100.00 USD minimum per month.

$100.00 USD minimum per BI-monthly for smaller commissions.



Building Process

WIPs, progress, changing characters.

You must stay in contact with us throughout the ENTIRE building of your suit! If we message you please respond to us as soon as possible, but we won't rush you.

WIP pictures will be provided constantly, be it through our trello page or by direct contact with you, the commissioner. Our trello is constantly updated even if we don’t personally send you an email, or a PM through a messaging app or social media. The trello link will be provided as soon as a quote is provided as well, this way you can also keep track of payment plan progress (if you have a payment plan), material ordering progress, or even just want to take a look at other progress we have made on other suits.

If a commissioner asks for WIPs that is completely fine by us! We just simply ask that you don’t bombard our emails/messages with requests for them. We will get to you as soon as possible to bring you WIPs, or simply tell you we have nothing to show at the moment.

For large changes that have not appeared on the reference sheet you have provided to us, such as: change of color, change of species, pattern changes, or providing us an entirely new character different from the last, there will be a extra fee depending on how big the change is, and how much needs to be changed. However for small changes, such as a marking being slightly moved, or being removed from the character, or adding small things like eyelashes, small patterns of the same color, or a different eye color, we will not charge extra unless extra material is needed.


Age Policy

Contact with parents/legal guardians, +18 policy.

If you are +18 you can legally work with us. We may ask for proof that you are +18 however, if we feel we need to do so, this is not against the commissioner if we do ask for proof, it is just to keep us, and you safe.

KittyKaijuWorks DOES NOT directly contact any minors for the commission of a suit, instead if you are a minor you NEED to get your LEGAL GUARDIAN involved with us. We do require proof from parents/legal guardians that they are in fact aware of the commission taking place by their child and our company.

Proof can be provided multiple ways to KittyKaijuWorks, we accept parent/legal guardian ID with everything marked out besides the name and age placed next to the ID holder's face. They need to be in the same picture and not two separate pictures. We also accept proof through the form of a zoom call with the parent/legal guardian and their child, we will ask you a few questions during the zoom meeting. 




Repairs, breaks, and transit complications.

KittyKaijuWorks provides a warranty that protects your suit if something happens to it within the warranty time limit. Our warranty time limit is 30 days after the item is delivered to you. The warranty covers: Shipping back to us if you are located in the USA, huge repairs, and small repairs. 

If something happens to your suit in transit you can let us know right away and the warranty will cover it.

Fursuits are unique hand crafted items that can not be fully replaced or replicated however, if something happens to your suit within the 30 days that completely ruins the suit, that is not the fault to us of course, we will give you a discount to help you replace the suit.

If something happens to your suit out of the 30 day warranty you will have to pay for the shipping back to us regardless if you are in the USA, and pay for any materials we may need to repair it.

We usually do free small repairs at conventions for anyone if you happen to see us there and you have a popped seam or some hot glue needs to be redone, we can’t perform large repairs at conventions due to the setting. 


Premade Items

Premade suits, props, and clothes.

KittyKaijuWorks offers premade items such as fursuits, props, and fursuit clothing. These items are non refundable, and are usually shipped out immediately after purchase. We sell our premade fursuits through Ebay, and our props and clothes through paypal like normal.

We offer repairs on these items as well, however they do not have any warranties on them.



Stealing credit, and retail.

You may sell your fursuit to someone else without getting permission from us first. At that point it is your personal belonging and we can not hold you from reselling it. You may also refurbish and change, or hire someone to refurbish and change things on your fursuit without getting permission from us first.

You may NOT claim our work as yours! If we find you have been claiming our work as yours we have the right to post a beware on you to warn others that you did not create our work.


You must read all of the terms of service and conditions and sign the provided TOS form for the current year and date before we will consider your commission. If the commissioner decides to lie about reading the full TOS all of the responsibility in the TOS is still on the commissioners shoulders, and will not be blamed on KittyKaijuWorks.