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Contact us through any of these links to inquire about fursuits, fursuit parts, and props!

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Our Preferred Method Of Contact?

Our preferred method of contact is through email, but contacting us on social media is fine too!

Why do you prefer contact over email?

Overall, email is more professional, but email can also make it easier for us to access your information about the suit you are commissioning! We're able to easily look through the conversation to find references, questions, concerns, and extra add-ons that you ordered! It also helps us keep track of payments, and if you were ordering premade or custom!

Contacting through social medias:

While contacting us through most of our social medias like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is completely fine, we suggest against using any of our socials that are not listed on this contact page to try and reach us. Social medias such as Deviantart and Furaffinity are not checked NEARLY as often as our other socials. Please only contact us through these links if you need to get our attention. Thank you!